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Learn to Live Again:
Steps Towards Sustainability

Malaysia | 8 June - 7 November 2022

Do you want to know how we can protect our oceans and marine life from plastic waste? Do you want to know about the role of indigenous people in community forest management? Have you ever wondered about the rich heritage of George Town in Penang? Do you want to learn about Malaysia’s goals in COP27? Stay tuned for these upcoming videos!

The EU Delegation to Malaysia is producing an exciting series of documentaries on the impacts of climate change and what we can do to help. In collaboration with major Malaysian broadcasters, these videos aim to educate and inspire people – especially young professionals and climate advocates – to step towards sustainability.

Sustainable development is a top policy for both the EU and Malaysia. The EU aims to achieve green growth through sustainable practices, which preserve biodiversity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and ensure a better quality of life. The European Green Deal is a testament to the EU's commitment to a greener world. But global challenges require a joint effort, and the EU is committed to helping other countries get on board.

The EU's environmental cooperation with Malaysia covers a range of areas, from green technology to renewable energy and sustainable forest management. The EU is also supporting the Malaysian Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in developing a national plan for sustainable consumption and production. This includes initiatives promoting green public procurement, eco-labelling, raising standards, and developing green production incentives. Other projects include supporting small producers of the biomass and batik industries and protecting peatland forests.

To learn more, tune in. Each video in this series will coincide with a significant sustainability event in 2022.

1. World Oceans Day, 8 June

This video is about the crucial role oceans play in our lives and food chains and how the EU and Malaysia have partnered to protect and promote sustainable fishing while conserving wildlife at sea.

2.International Day of World’s Indigenous People, 9 August

This video is about the problems faced by indigenous people in a rapidly changing world and how this is being addressed through community forest management.

3. EU Climate Diplomacy Week, 1 October

This video is about the rich cultural heritage of George Town in Penang and preservation efforts in the face of rapid urbanisation.

4. World Habitat Day, 3 October

This video is about George Town's sustainable approach to tourism, how it is tackling waste management, promoting eco-tourism and a circular economy.

5. COP27, 7 November

This video is about some of Malaysia's most pressing environmental issues, including the country's worst-ever floods in 2021, the recent signing of deforestation plans and the reduction of carbon emissions and global methane by 2050.

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