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Learn to Live Again:
Steps Towards Sustainability

Malaysia | 8 June - 7 November 2022

The EU Delegation to Malaysia (EUD) will produce a series of short video documentaries to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change and the importance of biodiversity as part of Malaysia’s inclusive and sustainable development initiatives from June to November 2022.

In collaboration with major Malaysian broadcasters, including Channels Astro Awani, Bernama TV and Media Prima, the campaign aims to engage with the general public – particularly the youth generation, young professionals and climate advocates – and explain how they can be part of environmental solutions.

It will also highlight EU-Malaysia common environmental objectives and partnerships, the European Green Deal and other notable international commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals, 2015 Paris Agreement and United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Each video will coincide with a significant sustainability event throughout 2022:

1. World Oceans Day, 8 June

On the crucial role oceans play in our lives, the importance of supply in our food chain, and how the EU and Malaysia have partnered in assisting in protecting the seafood while conserving the wildlife at sea.

2. International Day of World’s Indigenous People, 9 August

On solving the problems faced by indigenous people in areas such as human rights, the environment, development, education and health, and how civil society, Indigenous People and community organisations are improving forest governance.

3. EU Climate Diplomacy Week, 1 October

On the rich urban heritage of George Town, Penang, and how it is being managed and maintained alongside recent rapid urbanisation.

4. World Habitat Day, 3 October

On George Town's sustainable urban agenda and, in particular, how the popular tourist destination is tackling waste management, promoting eco-tourism as part of the circular economy, and applying EIXO Atlántico’s Cohesion Map.

5. COP27, 7 November

On some of Malaysia's most pressing environmental issues, including addressing the country's worst-ever floods in 2021, the recent signing of deforestation plans and the reduction of carbon emission and global methane by 2050.

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