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Foreign Trade University is one of the top universities in Vietnam, offering a wide range of majors in economics, business, business administration, finance & banking, law, accounting & auditing and business foreign languages.

We are committed to research, discovery, creativity, and vigorous intellectual exchange. The diversification of excellence across all of our disciplinary areas is considered a priority.

FTU is aiming to achieve international recognition in a wide range of areas and to be a center for excellence in education with strong linkages with the government and business sectors.

  • Internationalized training programs: 40% of courses from FTU's training programmes are taught in English not only for undergraduates but also for graduates. Moreover, there are courses taught in other foreign languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian for students. Vietnamese basic language course is also offered to international students.
  • Internationalized cooperation models: In the philosophy of OPEN IN INNOVATION and HUMAN-CENTERED, FTU connects with stakeholders worldwide with a view to transform awareness, build capacity, foster actionability and develop cooperation, spread and create positive influence on the community. We build and develop diversified cooperations with partners to approach and receive advanced training models from higher education institutions and cooperations worldwide.
  • Students exchange: FTU provide a vibrant, international community with around 500 international incoming students from over 20 different nationalities each year.

Available Programmes



01 semester or 01 full year

Tuition fee waived



01 semester or 01 full year

Tuition fee waived



3 weeks

USD 300 - USD 2350 per student

Student Life


When students are not studying, there are plenty of activities and amenities for them to enjoy on campus. We have listed a few things for you, so that you will get a better picture of life at FTU.

FTU students' dominant traits are confidence and passion. With nearly 70 clubs across 3 campuses, activities are vigorous amongst students with about 40 competitions held annually. It is not flattering to say "Each day at FTU is one new day with new event!".

We also offer a range of help and support for both personal and academic matters to help you settle in. When you start choosing your academic journey with us, you will be assigned staff and buddies from International Office and Student Service Center who will provide you with the best guidance and support.

Scholarships and grants for international students are available with Presidential Scholarship (100% tuition fee + Student Accommodation + Stipend) and Outstanding Scholarships.


The city is a friendly, attractive and an amazingly crowded place to live in.

Accommodation in Hanoi: FTU provides students with a list of housing to let, pricing ranging from USD 250 to USD 400 per month.

Living expensses in Hanoi (roughly estimated):

  • Food: USD 150 per month;
  • Transportation: USD 10 per month (Monthly bus fare);
  • Personal expenses: USD 150 per month.

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During spring and summer vacations, students are recommended to travel as much as they can to famous places in Vietnam.

  • Know the locals and learn the culture: Vietnam is one of the most travel-friendly destinations. Befriending a local can really enrich your experience. Local insiders can be an invaluable source of information as they can give you tips to help you uncover the country's hidden gems and culture.
  • Don't hesitate to explore Vietname - one important emerging economy in South East Asia: Discover the future academic and career opportunity in the dynamics of the emerging Vietnamese economic, business and production prospects in different working sectors and industries.


91 Chua Lang Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City

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