EU solidarity with Vietnamese LGBTIQ+ community showcased for Pride Month

With same-sex marriage legal in 16 Member States, the EU serves as an example of freedom and equality


The rainbow is an international symbol of the freedom to express – and to be protected against discrimination and violence on the basis of – one’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

This month’s episode of FYI Chat with EU Ambassador – in celebration of Pride Month – welcomed designer and content creator Ta Quoc Ky Nam, who discussed how freedom, equality, safety and the desire to be recognised are close to his heart. His story is one of many in Vietnam’s LGBTIQ+ community, ranging from day-to-day hurdles, steps towards self-discovery and resistance against stereotypes.

The exchange further shed light on these issues in the EU, where, today, same-sex couples can legally marry in 16 Member States. Ambassador Aliberti talked about how it was in the EU where civil unions for same-sex partners were legalised in 1989, and also where the right was extended to marriage in 2001.

The EU aims to be a completely free and safe zone for sexual minorities, with its declaration as an ‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’ in 2021. The European Parliament also passed a resolution later that year to reinforce LGBTIQ rights across the EU. Diversity and inclusion are recognised by the EU as necessary for the enrichment of society as a whole.

Questions were invited from viewers for a separate Q&A video to be featured on the EU Delegation to Vietnam (EUD)’s Facebook. Past and upcoming episodes from the FYI series can be watched there in addition to YouTube.

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